a) Inviolability of the Content Commons

No claims of ownership (copyright) on content that is in the public domain (these are the content commons).

No commercial use of content commons without explicit indication that the content is in the public domain.

b) Content commons availability in all languages
Content commons should be maintained as closely as possible to the people, and should be accessible to them. A necessary condition for this is that the content is available in the local language.
Constant checks are required to verify that local content commons remain up to date in light of the commons available at international, national, regional and local neighboor's level.
The local level should take action when it observes provision gaps for its constituency, or in the language of its constituency.
The collaborative use of systematic #tags will support such checks of content and maintenance of the content commons.

There is a first list of target languages.

To ease the editorial and translation work of local providers of the #tag guideline and social capital wikis, the texts that must be translated are provided as an annex to this convention.

c) Local custodianship of the local content commons
In principle, local stakeholders:

  • will maintain the local content commons and
  • are responsible:
    • to comply with local regulations,
    • to secure the resources needed for setting up the local social capital wiki and
    • printing and distributing the local #Tag Guidelines,
    • selling them as e-books,
    • providing training, and
    • any other initiative that uses these resources.

The local performance of the knowledge conversion support services implies that local stakeholders may earn an income, for instance from advertisements and sales of printed books and e-books, or from the provision of training.

Local stakeholders are encouraged to seek financial support from development organisations, local government, NGO's or charities.

Materials that are helpful for securing such funding will be shared via the Wikiworx community.

The Wikidot platform, where social capital wikis are hosted, offers free community sites.

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